How Do I Market My Assisted Living Facility?

Are you struggling to find new residents for your assisted living facility?

It can be difficult to get the word out about what your community has to offer, especially when there are so many other facilities competing for attention. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can help you market your senior care center in a way that will make people want to move in right away.

Our marketing strategies are proven and effective, and we know how important it is for seniors and their families to feel comfortable with their decision before they sign on the dotted line. That’s why we go above and beyond every step of the way – from building relationships with potential residents through our website or social media platforms all the way up until they become part of your community.

Find Out Who Wants Your Assisted Living By Researching The Demographics

Sizing and learning more about the market you will be serving is a key first step to marketing your assisted living community. Find out things like the demographics of your desired area and the average age of people in it. Is there a sizable population of retirees, or are they mostly families with children? Find out how many seniors live in that area and what percentage they make up

Be wary of competition, too. See how many assisted living communities there are in the area and find out their prices so you can remain competitive. What type of senior living is available should also be taken into consideration – assisted living? Eldercare homes? Retirement homes? Figure out what amenities they offer, including transportation and social activities. Learn more about them, including their owners and staff members, by checking their website and social media pages. You could even call them up to ask questions about the community, or read reviews from past customers.

Senior Living Marketing Agency

Develop A Assisted Living Marketing Plan

Laying out a clear, strategic marketing plan is essential for the success of your assisted living community. Start by defining your target audience and assessing their needs. Who are they? What do they like? What life stage are they in? What do they want in a senior living community? You’ll also need to design the campaign’s look and feel.

You’ll need to determine who will be in charge of executing the plans, including their roles and how you’ll work together to achieve goals. You can also partner with local businesses for cross-promotional activities, like offering free transportation services to residents who purchase products from a specific store.

As part of your marketing plan, you’ll need to know what sets you apart. Define your brand identity – what is it about this place that makes it stand out from all other assisted living communities in the area? A good way to decide on this is to write a list of the top 10 things you want to be known for.

Lastly, there’s the money aspect. Create a marketing budget that shows how you’ll use funds to deliver on what you are promising as a brand. Layout how much you’ll spend on advertising per month or year, and when you’ll advertise – will you advertise more on holidays or weekends, for example? Referrals can also be a big part of this. Give existing residents money off their monthly payment if they refer a new resident, and reward friends, family, and employees for referrals, too.

Create An Interesting Logo

Logos are one of the key ways to build recognizability for your assisted living community. First, you should research what your logo needs to communicate. This can include key themes like safety, security, and health. Then, find a graphic designer who has experience in the field and can help you finalize the design, including colors and fonts.

Be sure to use your company’s colors to create a logo that will be memorable and make your brand stand out. The logo should be crisp, clean, and professional – avoid clip art or images of seniors.

A note of advice – be sure your logo is simple enough for any sized print or screen. You never know where it will end up – on shirts, billboards, online ads, or more – so it should be easy to recognize from any size. Be sure your company’s name is at the top of the logo so people read it whenever they see the logo. And don’t let all this work go to waste! Promote your new logo on social media so you can get the word out.

Brand Your Community With A Memorable Name

Choosing a name for your assisted living community is a big deal. Your company will go by this name for years to come, so be sure it’s one that you’ve put thought into. It should be easy to pronounce and avoid using numbers in the first letter of words in your name.

Don’t make the decision in a vacuum. Get feedback from staff, residents, family members, and friends on what they think about the name you’ve chosen.

For some inspiration, try checking out other assisted living communities’ names on Google and see what they do well. Get creative with the naming process!

Senior Living Advertising Campaign

Create A Senior Living Advertising Campaign To Promote Your Community

First, do some research into what other assisted living communities in your area are doing and how they are promoting themselves. If it’s working out well for them, you can get inspiration from their methods.

Brainstorm some ideas for your campaign. Create a list of keywords that are relevant to the services you provide and be sure you are targeting these in your campaign. Create an advertising plan with goals, objectives, content, channels, timeline. As you’re developing the plan, be sure the campaign will resonate with your target audience and their needs – always keep the consumer first.

Promote your campaign on social media – which you should be updating with new content regularly. Use video to promote the campaign, including interviews of staff and testimonials from residents. Don’t let your social media get stale; have enough content for a post at least every other day.

Provide Mentally Stimulating Activities For Seniors

Keeping your seniors physically healthy is vital, but mental health is just as important. Remaining mentally stimulated can keep them healthier for longer. Here are some ideas for some activities you could have for your residents:

  • Activities they can do on their own time, like gardening or painting
  • Activities that keep their minds sharp, like cards, puzzles, board games, and books – can actually help prevent dementia
  • Getting involved in local politics
  • Volunteering events at a local church or community center
  • Artistic activities like pottery, poetry, or dance

Keep Your Social Media Updated

Be sure you are posting photos of your residents on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Residents are more likely to become engaged with their community and can feel like they’re something bigger than themselves. Promoting community-building is vital to the success of an assisted living community; residents and their families always want to stay connected.

Photos help residents – and potential residents – see what’s going on in the area and be proud of it. For potential residents, it’s also easier for people to remember your organization when they have photos attached to it. Residents are more likely to have a positive impression of the home if they see photos of other residents on social media, and potential residents can get a feel of what living in your community looks like.

As a bonus, posting photos of residents and events help promote local businesses, which can lead to more sales for them.

Educate Current Or Prospective Residents On Aging Issues

Make residents feel more comfortable by educating them on what’s to come in the aging process. Let them know what to expect from aging and how to stay healthy and active as you age.

Make sure to include content about the importance of socializing with others your own age, how to make a house safer for seniors, and coping mechanisms for stress and loss.

Advertise On Google Maps Or Yelp To Reach Seniors

Google Maps and Yelp both allow users to advertise for free, so take advantage of that opportunity! You can include your business information on the map or in the reviews section of Yelp.

Target seniors by mentioning that you offer discounts, flexible hours, or other perks that they might need in an assisted living community. As you’re writing the copy, think about what your product or service is and how it could be beneficial to the elderly; write it in a way that speaks to them. Also, include a strong call-to-action in your copy that gets people interested.

For Google, create a Google My Business account and add your information, including address and phone number. Also include your website address and social media pages, and photos of your community’s interior and exterior.

Digital Marketing for Senior Living

Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

There are several things you can offer at your assisted living community to set yourself apart from local competitors. Here are some ideas you can consider:

  • Offer a free room to the family of every resident who passes away – this is a nice touch that will help a grieving family in their time of need
  • Encourage residents to volunteer in your community by giving them a special badge that says “Volunteer” on it
  • Have weekly potluck dinners with live music and dancing- everyone is sure to have fun!
  • Host an annual 5k race in support of assisted living communities across the country to connect with the broader senior living industry
  • Provide daily exercise classes that might not exist at other senior living communities, such as Zumba or yoga
  • Offer monthly family nights where families can come together for dinner and games
  • Get your residents involved in the design of their assisted living space – they’re the ones living there after all, so they should have some input
  • Use technology to set yourself apart! Create an app for seniors to help them with day-to-day tasks like medication reminders or grocery lists

Marketing your assisted living community is no easy task. There are so many other communities competing for attention, and it’s difficult to get the word out about what you have to offer when there is such stiff competition. But don’t worry! You don’t need to do this alone or spend hours trying different marketing strategies that may not pan out. We know how important it is for seniors and their families to feel comfortable with their decision before they sign on the dotted line, which is why we will work hard with you every step of the way until you find new residents moving in without any hassle. If you would like some help getting more people interested in your community, reach out today.

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