How Do You Increase Occupancy in Assisted Living?

Are you struggling to keep your assisted living facility full?

We know that the key to running a successful business is keeping occupancy high. That’s why we created this guide for you! It will help you increase occupancy in your facility by showing you how to create an amazing experience for residents and their families. You’ll learn about what makes a good community, how to attract new residents, and more.

If you want more people coming through your doors every day, then read further. It will teach you everything from creating an inviting environment for visitors and staff members alike, all the way down to making sure everyone feels comfortable when they walk through those doors. This is the perfect resource if you want to make sure everyone who walks into your building leaves with a smile on their face.

Provide Excellent Services For Your Residents

While marketing can be useful in increasing sales, nothing beats a great service that you provide to your residents. A satisfied resident is one that will remain in your community long-term, helping maintain high occupancy rates. Give seniors the services they want, so they can live fulfilling, exciting, and healthy lives in your community.

Health is often top of mind for seniors moving into an assisted living community. Be sure you have medical staff on-site 24/7 so there are people who can help if there are medical issues. Preventative measures like having an on-site fitness trainer can be sure seniors stay physically fit for longer and have fewer injuries long-term. Seniors also want free transportation to and from doctors’ appointments (as well as to other locations like supermarkets).

Making seniors’ lives as easy as possible is key to a satisfied resident. You can do things like providing room service at all times so they don’t have to worry about cooking meals for themselves. Make it easy for seniors to socialize and connect by preparing an activity schedule with something for everyone – games, music, volunteering, dinners, art, and more. Support services like housekeeping and laundry can also ensure seniors have a frictionless aging environment and can spend time doing the things they enjoy.

Marketing Senior Living Facility

Use Good Sales Techniques for Senior Living Facility

To ensure high sales, always be talking about the benefits of assisted living to the senior. Assisted living is a great option for seniors who want to remain independent in their own home. With assisted living, there are no worries about the senior being alone or feeling lonely. Mention how seniors can still have their friends and family visit them at any time of day, and residents have access to 24/7 care from nurses, doctors, social workers, and more.

The ability to live independently while having assistance available on-demand makes this type of housing ideal for many seniors, so be sure to mention these benefits as you sell people on your assisted living company. While assisted living and many senior housing solutions often have negative stigmas associated with them, you can use these points to break past the stereotypes and show what a good option assisted living can be for many seniors.

Many typical sales techniques also apply for assisted living sales. Create a good first impression on your customer, be honest and upfront about the services you offer, and address any concerns or questions that potential customers may have about their loved ones moving in with them or into an assisted living community altogether. Be prepared for questions you’ll get frequently, like what activities are available and how residents are monitored for safety.

Create An Assisted Living Marketing Plan

Marketing is another way to increase occupancy in assisted living communities. There are several techniques you can try out to increase word of mouth about your community, which will increase occupancy rates by filling additional rooms.

Send out a newsletter with updates about new events and activities in your community. Be sure to include potential new residents on the mailing list for the newsletter so they can see what living at your assisted living community is like. Include information about what are the most important services offered at your community, including regular activities and events.

Social media is another powerful marketing tool you can use to boost occupancy rates. Share information, updates, and pictures from your community on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

As you are building out ad campaigns, consider the demographics of your target audience and create a marketing plan that speaks to them. Consider which type of media will work best, like TV, radio, or social media. Be sure to also develop a budget and timeline for implementing your marketing plan.

Senior Living Marketing

How Do I Find Clients For My Assisted Living Community?

Here are a few extra ways you can find additional clients for your community to boost occupancy rates. Give some of them a try and you’ll see an increase in leads soon!

  • Attend networking events in your area to connect with local members of the senior living industry
  • Consider joining organizations that focus on the type of work you do for additional networking opportunities
  • Leverage this network you’ve created! Talk to other people in assisted living facilities about their success with finding clients
  • Advertise through flyers, postcards, or word-of-mouth – and brainstorm additional ideas on where to advertise, too
  • Offer a free tour of the community on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Maintain a blog for tips about how to stay healthy as we age
  • Create a Facebook profile that has helpful information about aging in place for people’s parents and grandparents
  • Ask local businesses if they need any help with marketing, such as putting up posters or handing out brochures. They can market for your community in return – it’s a win win!
  • Go door-to-door in residential neighborhoods near your community and ask if they need care or have been thinking about it recently
  • Contact nearby retirement communities and offer them discounted rates to switch to your community
Senior Living Marketing Plan

If you’re looking for a way to increase occupancy in your assisted living facility, this article is just what you need. We cover everything from how to create an inviting environment and attract new residents to ways that caregivers can make life easier for their charges. Whether it’s through designing an experience or improving caregiving techniques, we have the information you need right here! You don’t have to struggle with low occupancy rates any longer when there are so many simple solutions available. Have any of these tips helped improve your business? Reach out today if you want our help with anything at all related to marketing or operations management.

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